Your Everest is waiting...

Deliver and earn more than just cash with Sherpa's Driver Loyalty Program. We've built this program to further reward the hardworking and committed members of our Sherpa Driver Community - the more you deliver, the greater the benefits.

Earn points with each successful delivery
Deliver a great customer experience
In addition to your points earned, your driver rating, unassignment rate, and warnings will be considered when awarding a tier at the end of each 3-month period.
Unlock your rewards and benefits
Every 3-months, your points are tallied and a tier is awarded. You'll continue to enjoy your rewards and benefits until the end of the following 3-month period.

Reach milestones as you ascend the mountain!

Tiers are awarded in 3-month intervals i.e. your points reset to 0 at the start of each quarter. So make sure you don't set up camp and get too comfortable... we all know the view is better from the top.

Base Camp
Tier 3 Mountaineer
Our rookies. Usually the new Sherpa's finding their feet, or the very casual worker.
Base Camp Qualifiers:
0 - 249 points, >5% late rate
Tier 2 Mountaineer
The regulars. These guys have been out on the road keeping customers happy for a while now.
Altitude Qualifiers:
250 - 749 points, 3% unassignment, 4.5 star rating, 2 warnings, 3.1% - 5% late rate
Tier 1 Mountaineer
The maestros. These guys are out delivering exceptional experiences regularly.
Summit Qualifiers:
750+ points, 1% unassignment, 4.7 star rating, 1 warning, 0% - 3% late rate

How are my points calculated?

The number of points awarded per successful* delivery varies between cities. This is to ensure that the progression through tiers and access to rewards is equal for those drivers in cities where our delivery volumes are lower.

Point multiplier per city:
i.e. In a motorbike – 2 deliveries in Auckland = 12 points, 2 deliveries in Christchurch = 12 points
In a car/wagon/ute/van – 2 deliveries in Auckland = 6 points, 2 deliveries in Christchurch = 6 points

Tier-based access to benefits and rewards

Points are earned across fixed 3-month periods. At the end of each period, your points are tallied (then, reset to 0), and a tier is awarded. You'll continue to enjoy the benefits and rewards of your tier until the end of the following 3-months.

Base Camp
Tier 3
Tier 2
Tier 1
15/7 delivery & driver support
Future jobs
Run bookings for event days 3 2 1
Bulk runs 3 2 1
Tier 1 client jobs 3 2 1
Order of Priority   All tiers have access to these benefits, but higher tiers have the opportunity to access them first.
As we build out the Loyalty Program, we’ll continue to introduce further benefits and rewards. Rewards may be subject to change.

We'll be building out your experience and benefits of the program across the coming months.

A few things to look forward to include:
png    Real-time visibility on your Everest progress in-app
png   Access to greater benefits and rewards across all tier levels
png   Bonus points for trickier jobs i.e. city jobs, late-accepted jobs
* A successful delivery is defined as a job that is; delivered within the specified time frame, has not had a price adjustment, and has followed Sherpa's delivery guidelines. Return deliveries can also earn points as long as they are returned within the original delivery timeframe. E.g. If the original delivery was a 2-hour delivery, the job must be returned within 2 hours of you being unable to deliver it.